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fullmetal alchemist

this is actually a fanfic author rec because all of her fma stuff is amazing and unless she can't get online or something, she puts up a chapter s day.



this is the latest one that she is writing. it is a chimera!roy/ed fic

it is in progress.

will other people like it? yes, her stuff is amazing. she does no lemons though, so you know that incase you wonder where the r and m rated stuff are.


that is her profile link if you want to read more of her fma fics

full metal alchemist


title: flame and fullmetal 300 km/

summary: it's like the fast and the furious. roy and ed are street racers. it really is good. hopefully if it gets some recent reviews, she might update *the author had a bay so we don't know if the story isn't updated cause she is busy with baby or if she left the fandom* it's au.

pairings: roy/ed, others which would ruin the story

why people should read this fic: because roy mustang is totally whipped by ed ;D and because it is damn good!

will evryone enjoy it or one type of fan: hopefully everyone. one of the best stories i have ever read.
Title/Link: Fullmetal Fairy Tale
Author: rainjoyswriting
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: R
Completed?: Yes
Summary: Ed locked in a tower. First person to ask him to let down his golden hair was very likely to get all their teeth knocked out.

Why I think everyone should read this fic: I've always been a huge fan of AU stories but since I've come to the FMA fandom such stories have been hard to come by, so I was super excited when I saw this story from one of my favorite authors. The story is funny, adventurous, angsty, sweet and has just a dash of crack. It’s a really fun story to read for anyone who likes FMA or fairly tales

Will anyone enjoy this fic or is it really a fan only type story?: Since its an AU I think everyone would really enjoy it =D


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